The Zero Emissions team

Meet the people who help make change a reality.

A team of dedicated individuals

We're a small team trying to do our best to achieve something big: to reduce Australia’s emissions to zero as soon as possible. We know the technology is available to begin the transition today, so we're doing everything we can to drive policy makers to understand that it is not only beneficial to become a renewable energy superpower financially, it's imperative for our future survival.

The director

Matthew Wright, Founder & Executive director
Matthew Wright is the lead author of the award-winning Zero Carbon Australia Plan, and 2010's Young Environmentalist of the Year. Embodying the qualities of hard work, passion and commitment.


Matthew heads the fastest growing climate change research and development group in Australia. While previous environmental advocates have encouraged Australians to take action by changing their light globes, Matthew represents the next wave of leaders who show how we can change from the 19th century technology that runs our economy to 21st century solutions.

The Staff

Tim, James, John M, John H, Warwick, Chris, Brendan, Sally, Morgan, Luke T, Luke H.

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