Super need to reach for renewable electricity switch

Australia is a global leader, we have sunshine, technology and wealth unmatched at anytime in history.

We no longer  have to go on damaging our atmosphere by discharging more and more asthma causing particulates and climate damaging carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels such as gas and coal.

In 2013 we have a super option and can do a lot better.

Our superannuation funds need to work in our interests, to invest in modern proven technology in partnership with electricity suppliers and  government to mine sunshine and the wind for all our electricity needs.  Australia’s natural advantage.

We can do all this in the next decade which is an ideal planning timeframe for any infrastructure venture of this nature such as the present National Broadband Network (NBN) or the Snowy Hydro Scheme past.

By moving quickly to minimise harm from burning of fossil fuels Australia can make a real attack on the problem and create a fair-dinkum example of the actions required by our peers around the world to rein in the dangers of global warming.

There is limited knowledge of just how bad the consequences of continuing to add more and more global warming gases into the atmosphere will be. What we do know is that we can reverse harmful practices and keep our climate within much safer bounds, those that comfortably supporting our life and economy today.

It's a danger to wait until our superannuation investment funds and governments realise the need to sell down investments in fossil fuels and have them left in the ground.  A delay will mean higher costs (and lower returns) and a significant charge against profits from shuttered fossil fuel plants.

Superannuation funds can go further by advising their clients on what they can do to live more sustainably outside of their investment choices.  Superfunds with property interests can make sure that any new investment is into efficient passive solar homes and that the cost advantage of mass marketing the technology and materials that makes this possible is available to super fund members along with the rest of the Australian community.

In an economy where traditional manufacturing jobs have been continually lost, supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency will result in lots of new jobs being created.  

A quick move by Australia will cease this once in a lifetime opportunity to join China, Germany, Denmark, California and Texas to be at the forefront of the 21st century renewable powered cleantech economny and show the rest of the world an advantageous path for a jobs rich economy.

We can do it, we refuse to be left behind.

Matthew Wright with John Swainston

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