Denmark 2012: Fossil gas demand dropped 7%, Wind Power now at 30%, Economy wide energy down by 4%

Denmark is a ray of sunshine in the northern latitudes with its resolute and forthright policies to break energy import dependency and deal with climate change. And 2012 was a big year for a zero emissions fossil fuel free future in Denmark.. According to the Danish Energy Agency the Danish ship is really turning around, in 2012 overall energy consumption (Electricity, Space/Water heating, Industrial heat and Transport fuels) dropped by 4.0% and within the electricity sector a reduction of 1.3% occurred while wind power's contribution rose 5% to supply just over 30% of the nation's annual electricity demands.   This is remarkable for a country with very little land and not much in the way of natural resources.  In fact Denmark is so tiny that its 5.5 million inhabitants live on a country that fits five times into Victoria, the second smallest Australian state.

Denmark's achievement: energy efficiency without rooftop solar

Denmark's achievement with renewables and energy efficiency has been done without rooftop solar.   Once the country starts bringing rooftop solar into the mix, Denmark's renewable contribution will soar beyond what was imagined even by those of us who were excited by, and anticipated a Danish lead in the big global renewable shift only five or six years ago.  Meanwhile those who said that variable sources such as wind and solar could only ever meet 5% of annual electricity demand, they've got egg on their face or they're hurrily trying to rewrite history. Or they've shifted to fossil fueld FUD campaigns.  FUD is Fear Uncertainty and Doubt and that is there game in order to attempt to undermine renewables.  The one thing they cannot match is a community of willing people who will stand up and be counted as supporters of a 100% renewable powered Zero Emissions future.  More on Denmark to come.

Electricity consumption dropped by 1.3% energy dropped 4.0% Wind up 5.1% to 30% of all electricity and Denmark hasn't even got going yet on Solar Photovoltaic.

Energy consumption down 4.0% in Denmark in 2012

Danish natural gas fell by 6.7% in 2012