China now in the baseload solar thermal power race

Solar thermal in China

China's first test scale Solar Thermal power tower is now sending out electricity to the national power grid.

The tower built outside of Beijing is the forerunner to a Chinese assault on the global solar thermal industry.  Baseload solar plant technology design and construction is dominated by US and Spanish companies including Sener, Torresol Energy and Solar Reserve. China will soon be announcing some large scale projects utilising their own technology.  

Recently china has been courting companies such as Abengoa of Spain and US based Brightsource energy to build plants in the country in a repeat of how they have managed to dominate many industries such as high speed rail and wind power. The approach which seems to repeat itself over and over involves China bringing in foreign leaders early on in the development of the domestic industry to build plants, knowhow is then gleaned off the industrial machinations of supplying equipment, logistics and the utilisation of local manufacturing and construction contractors.

Zero Emissions expects that Solar Reserve who are building the 110MWe Crescent Dunes baseload solar thermal at Tonopah in Nevada and Torresol Energy owner and operator of the Gemasolar plant near Spain to soon close on deals to build plants within China which will be a huge boost for the global industry when it happens.

SOURCE: China News