ZE to NSW Energy Minister: Biofuel from Algae not viable, not green and a waste of time and money


IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 03 July 2013, Zero Emissions Media Centre, Melbourne

Biofuel company Algae.Tec has signed a deal to supposedly establish a C02 carbon capture and biofuels production facility adjacent the Bayswater Power station.

Zero Emissions an energy security think-tank is opposed to this poorly thought out project.

"The project is not viable and is more greenwash from a coal industry that is gasping for life," said Matthew Wright executive director of energy security think-tank Zero Emissions.

"The project if it were viable is brown and not green as it uses emissions from a coal generator.   It does not eliminate those emissions but if viable instead it takes a small proportion of those emissions and converts them for a second use as algae derived fuel for diesel engines," said Wright.

"This is unproven technology and as with all the algae projects around the world will very quickly be shown to be unviable once factors such as water, nutrient and light availability are taken into consideration.

"Lets hear from the NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Renewables how he is going to go about getting more Solar and Wind Power installed which are commercially viable and proven technologies rather than doing window dressing with unproven, little prospect Algae Biofuels, another nonsense waste of tax payers time and money.

"It's time for NSW to get behind the solar revolution.  Huge opportunities for householders, small businesses and farmers to secure their energy supply with upcoming market offerings that allow daytime solar to be stored and then used again during peak energy events.  This is good for the networks, good for pensioners and the poor and good for the individuals who invest in their own power supply," said Wright.

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