IEA: 25% renewable energy by 2018 - Australia's 8% lags behind world


IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 01 July 2013, Zero Emissions Media Centre, Melbourne

The IEA has just released the Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report (MTREMR) showing that renewables will meet 25% of global demand by 2018 and will surpass gas in 2016.

"It's time for Tony Abbot and Kevin Rudd backed by the Greens to move Australia to a true  25% renewable energy target in line with the rest of the world." said Matthew Wright executive director of energy security think-tank Zero Emissions.

"We're sizzling with solar, not cooking with gas, Mr Rudd should listen to his daughter who although expressing it differently (his daughter Jessica had counselled him about his use of ''cooking with gas'' on Wednesday night.. it's one of the daggiest things she had ever heard (him) say).  His daughter must know that for her and Kevin's granddaughter the future is solar!

"Renewables are the future energy option of choice for developing and OECD countries as shown by the IEA report. said Wright

"Australia has totally missed the boat on renewables, In almost all other countries renewable targets are about all energy, they're about electricity services that we get today, they're about heating and they're about transport fuels.  Our renewable energy target fails at the starting block because it is too low and is restricted to the electricity sector.

"And that's not to mention opportunities with energy efficiency which need separate targets

"The answer is to:

1. Very quickly shift our renewable electricity target to 25% by 2018 and to at least 35% by 2025.

2. Introduce a Renewable Heat target of 25% by 2020 taking advantage of the free natural heat that is stored in the environment using heat pumps. (We have a head start because educating the public to use their pre-existing reverse cycle air conditioners for heating will get us much of the way here)

3. Renewable transportation; switch the Australian car manufacturing sector to pure 'plug-in' and 'plug-in hybrid' class vehicles and change all government purchasing and incentives for private purchasing to only apply to these vehicle types. Continue to encourage personal transport modal shifts to more walking, cycling and electrified public transport.

"As the ninth biggest energy consumer in the world Australia can very quickly catch up and reclaim its place as an energy leader, but we must act fast.  And with the election coming an opportunity exists to seriously differentiate party positions and deal with energy security and climate risks. said Wright

"Australia is a special case when it comes to renewable energy like wind and solar, we have the most resource available per capita, the best wind, the best solar and we are wealthy, well educated and therefore can do more than just meet the rest of the world at 25% renewable energy we can pass and lead them.

"25% renewable by 2018, OECD countries are doing it, developing countries are doing it, the world's doing it how about Australia?

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