Hybrids and LPG old technology; pure plug-ins and plug-in hybrids the only vehicles worth building


IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 4 July 2013, Zero Emissions Media Centre, Melbourne

"The Federal government should resist calls by the Federation of Automotive Products Manufacturers to back poor performing Australian vehicles which the Federation are incorrectly claiming to be green," said Matthew Wright executive director of Zero Emissions.

"LPG and old style hybrid vehicles without a plug-in capability are technology that is decades old, have been superceded by newer electric cars and do not warrant any Federal support," said Wright.

"LPG is in no way green, it's gas, it's dirty and dangerous and as for Hybrid vehicles that rely on combusting petrol all the time, they come from technology conceived in the late 70s and have been available since the 90s, this is not new, it's not up-to-date and it's not the future.

"It's desperation by the sector to protect its old out of date way of going about its business which will ultimately lead to going out of business. The government must not waste another dollar on these failing business models.

"There is a long term option for the industry and that is pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.  Both Toyota and General Motors are setup to offer these vehicles overseas and with the right support from government they could bring the technology to our car manufacturing plants in Australia.

"Even Ford has a number of electric models including the Escape electric vehicle which could bring the Australian operations back from the brink.

"One Million car sales a year in Australia are up for grabs and with a softening dollar as exorbitant commodity prices calm down there is a real opportunity to be at the forefront of the world.

"The alternative is MAD, managed adaptive decline where we throw good money after bad, wages are cut, jobs are spilled and sales plummet.  It's already being happened and it will continue to happen under a regime of blind subsidies that are being requested by the Federation.

The Federation should get with the times and get electric vehicles for Australia! said Wright.

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