MediaRelease: Enough Wind Power Globally to Power Australia Four Times

Wind power

World wide wind capacity is about to reach 300GW (Gigawatts) which will be confirmed by an announcement of the Global Wind Energy Council in the July quarter.

"Australia is an OECD country that sits amongst the 20 biggest economies in the world, it is considered energy intensive and already globally there is enough wind power installed to power this great nation over four times" said Matthew Wright Executive Director of Zero Emissions Australia

"300GW is a lot of wind.  It produces the same annual electricity, drives the same amount of industrial activity, lights and powers the same amount of houses as 115 properly operating Nuclear reactors, and a properly operating nuclear plant is the exception not the rule" said Mr Wright

"Today 300GW of wind installed globally is producing energy for us all of the time and once wind power is installed those sites and turbines over the years are continually upgraded to the latest most efficient technology bringing even more cleaner safer energy into our homes"

"Not only has the world reached 300,000MW (Megawatts) today but the Chinese alone who have just launched an emissions trading scheme and will have built over 300,000MW of Wind Power inside their nation by 2020."

"There has been an ongoing organised campaign funded by the fossil fuel industry and their allies to derail wind.  The dirty pro fossil fuel anti wind campaign has few participants but they are made loud and vocal through the money and connections of the fossil fuel industry.

"Time after time wind power is shown to be the safest form of energy production, it's quiet, clean and attractive and takes up the least amount of land of any energy source providing additional economic activity including valuable funds for rural communities" said Wright

"As an example; the fossil fuel sponsored anti-winders and their allies get more media than campaigns such as "Save Albert Park" that oppose the loud, disruptive Australian Grand Prix despite Save Albert Park having many more members than any of those wind groups, a fact that proves that there is big dirty money working behind the scenes"

"There is no solution to climate change without wind power, China knows this, the US knows this and so does Europe.  Australia too must get behind installing more renewabls and increasing its targets."  

"To get to 100% renewable energy and deal with climate change, quickly, cheaply and efficiently will require between 6,000 and 8,000 modern 7.5MWe wind turbines a small number when you consider that tiny Denmark which fits five times into Victoria has over 3,000 onshore wind turbines." said Mr. Wright

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