Energy think-tank: ACT Government's big solar approval is great news - next is support for storage

Solar farm

IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 02 July 2013, Zero Emissions Media Centre, Melbourne

ACT Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, approved the proposed 20MWe Royalla Solar Farm today.

"The ACT government ought to be congratulated for this very positive move towards a renewable powered future! 20MWe is a good size for a solar farm and many more projects should follow this lead across Australia," said Matthew Wright Executive Director of Energy Think-Tank Zero Emissions

"What we need to see now is the ACT government get behind solar with storage to deliver the imminent future surplus of solar energy generated during the middle of the day, at night," said Wright.

"There are two options for solar storage to compliment daily solar production. One is for households, available at the end of the year from major German solar manufacturer SMA (and competitors are sure to announce equivalent product offerings soon). This off the shelf solar storage solution will include a battery and smart inverter combination for using home rooftop produced solar after dark.

"The other is a large-scale baseload solar thermal plant from Solar Reserve of the US or Torresol Energy of Spain. 

"The ACT government can now start offering incentives to install smart inverter and battery combinations for households upgrading their home solar energy systems or adding a new one and in doing so show the nation from its heart what's possible.

The ACT government could can easily back a 110MWe baselaod solar plant which could be situated inland to the north west of Wagga Wagga, well clear of the Great Dividing Range cloud shadow.

Zero Emissions, an energy think-tank based in Melbourne, would like to see ACT take the lead which would not only be a major part of Australia's renewable revolution but also galvanise support behind its efforts of the entire Australian community.

"There is a big opportunity for solar and it would make sense for ACT to become the solar capital of Australia and the future will be bright if this first move is anything to go by.

"Come on ACT government you've made a start, let's see a plan and action to follow this through all the way!" said Matthew Wright.

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