Congratulations Kevin Rudd; key climate policies for second term

Kevin Rudd

IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 27 June 2013, Zero Emissions Media Centre, Melbourne

Zero Emissions, a climate and energy security  think-tank, would like to congratulate and welcome the return of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. 

"Kevin Rudd had turned the ship and set the course to begin to address climate change during his previous Prime Ministership in 2007," said Matthew Wright Executive Director of Zero Emissions Australia

The 20% Renewable Energy Target (RET) was enacted during Rudd's previous term as Prime Minister.

"The RET is Kevin Rudd's strongest legacy which has been threatened by the Liberal opposition and been caught up in the uncertainty that came with the Gillard leadership.

"There is now a chance to lock in and expand the RET which supports the building of solar and wind power and make a strong statement in support of it. Rudd also has the opportunity to announce a 2025 target of 30% renewable energy.

Zero Emissions Australia is calling for Kevin Rudd to take the following policies to the Federal Election as the next step in seriously addressing global warming:

1. Reaffirm the hard 45,000GWh (20%)  2020 RET as it stands today.

2. Commit to a 35% by 2025 RET to be pushed through parliament as soon as the new Rudd government is elected.

3. Commit to immediately build  550MWe of large scale Solar Thermal power plants with molten salt storage, such as Solar Reserve's 110MWe Tonopah  solar tower in Nevada linked to the simultaneous phasedown of coal  fired electricity.

4. No new fossil fuel exploration leases. Commit to an end to all new fossil fuel exploration including gas, unconventional gas, oil and coal exploration,

5. Commit to a phase down of Coal fired power generation over the next decade targeting the oldest power plants immediately.

6. Commit to an emissions trading scheme with a FLOOR. That means the price can not drop below $25 in the beginning and this FLOOR price keeps increasing by at least 10%pa.

7. Commit to only funding the Australian car industry if it renews itself to build 'pure electric' or 'plug-in hybrid electric' vehicles.

8. Commit to overriding the nonsense restrictions on windfarms that have been implemented by Liberal state governments. 

9. Commit to nationwide home building standards for high performance, comfortable energy efficient et zero emissions - 8 star building envelop  housing starting with a major development in each state.

10. Commit to a ten year phaseout of domestic gas for safety and the environment including a ban for all new homes from next year.

11. Get the gross errors, identified by Beyond Zero Emissions, in the high speed rail study fixed. This will prove that a Melbourne- Brisbane line pays for itself, and must be followed with a commitment to start building immediately, with completion of the entire route in fifteen years.

"Kevin Rudd is a dynamic and visionary individual. His policies, including the 20% Renewable Energy Target and the National Broadband Network, show that he has the ability to think big and decisively in the interest of all Australians and for future generations. Mr Rudd lost the leadership of the parliamentary ALP 3 years ago at least partly because of not adopting a strong climate mitigation policy – Australians will now back a strong leader who acts according to his climate change convictions.  By adopting the Zero Emissions policies above to address Global Warming and Climate Change, Mr Rudd will put Australia on the right course to a prosperous and safe future." 

"Returning from the ashes Kevin Rudd has the life experience, political know-how and learnings necessary to deal decisively with climate change and orient Australia to a full Zero Emissions future." said Matthew Wright Executive Director of Zero Emissions Australia.