Media Release: Grattan Institute wrong on getting gas right

Gas fuel

The Grattan Institute's call to lift restrictions and break the impasse on coal seam gas is wrong and misguided. Grattan has got it wrong again in its unwavering support for fossil fuels. "Getting gas right is about leaving it in the ground" said Matthew Wright Executive Director of climate solutions think-tank Zero Emissions "Coal Seam Gas is dirtier than coal when it comes to carbon emissions. It is devastating farmland communities across Australia." "Conventional gas is a danger to our oceans, shorelines and beaches not to mention a ticking time bomb for marine ecosystems" said Mr Wright "All gas burning is damaging our health and climate." {C} "Using gas in our homes and offices is like harpooning whales and lighting our streets with their oil, gone are those days" "Grattan needs to quit doing the gas industries public relations and marketing and acknowledge the urgent need to get off gas by joining the community in calling for an immediate moratorium on all extraction and exploration of gas" "Grattan must choose whether it is an independent think-tank or just a marketing front of the fossil fuel giants including BHP Billiton, one of the world's biggest gas and oil companies and a major funder of Grattan" "Getting it right is upgrading all our nations homes to zero emissions. This will insulate Australia against the financial and health dangers of gas by converting to all electric environmentally friendly houses." "This includes solar panels with storage, superior electric induction cook-tops and heat pumps for heating and hot water which are all now affordable and commercially available off the shelf." "We no longer need old fossil gas as new renewable energy, induction cooktops, energy efficiency can achieve everything gas can and more" Zero Emissions Australia provides thought leadership to create Climate and Energy Solutions for the 21st Century. An immediate shift to Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions Housing, Manufacturing, Resources, Transport and Industrial Sectors will guarantee prosperity in the coming decades. For Comment: Matthew Wright 0421 616 733