Gonski and well funded Universities? Rudd Returns? Make coal and gas miners pay

​IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 20 June 2013, Zero Emissions Media Centre, Melbourne

Gonski reforms have been a controversial part of our national debate for the past 12 months.  However all parties agree that, as a nation, we need to improve education to avoid falling further and further behind the literacy and numeracy standards of leading nations around the world.

"Gonski is really about moving from a dead-end, 19th century, fossil fuel economy to a well-educated 21st century economy where all Australians have a chance at getting a secure, well-paying job" said Matthew Wright Executive Director of climate solutions think-tank Zero Emissions.

"To achieve higher funding for our new focus on education, we're going to have to find the money, and the money no longer grows on trees, In 2012 it's in the ground." said Wright

"Coal and Gas miners aren't paying their fair share of tax, at the same time they are hauling off Aussie resources from under our feet with the profits mainly going to overseas companies." 

"Coal and Gas miners often pull the employment card, for why they shouldn't pay their fair share of taxes but employing less than 50,000 Australian's in an economy that employs over 13 Million means that they are clearly not that significant to warrant such special treatment" said Wright

"It's ironic when they pull the jobs card, as a get out of jail on their tax obligations.

"As we all know, the high dollar driven up primarily by coal and gas miners has caused much more than 50,000 people to lose their jobs, in industries vital for a healthy diversified economy." said Mr Wright

The miners getting their way by effectively bribing weak kneed state and federal politicians has sold out jobs in Food Production, Agriculture, Manufacturing. 

"With a national imperative to increase the quality of education and a need for funds to do that it is only fair that we look to those who aren't pulling their weight to cough up," said Mr Wright.

"Miners refusing to pay their fair share of tax is nothing new.  It's been going on for centuries; however there are historical examples where nations have been tough on resources companies so that the cake is sliced evenly. Unfortunately Australia has been following the Texas example where the public gets no icing and no cake, just crumbs.

It's time we mined the miners for the dollars that they've been ripping of ordinary Australians.  Without a responsible resource tax our Children will be left short.

With the potential of Kevin Rudd leading Labor to the next election, it's a chance for Kevin and the ALP to right the wrongs of the miner lead coup of 2010 and take back for all Australian's what's rightfully ours, the resources under our feet, the land on which we walk" said Wright.

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